Wholesale Order

Discount rates in wholesale orders are determined according to the order amounts specified in the table below. The minimum wholesale order amount is 25.000 TL.

Wholesale discounts cannot be used for the purchase of Gold collections. If you want to give a wholesale order for gold collections, please contact us.

Order amount Discount rate Discount code
Between 25.000 TL - 35.000 TL %15 WHOLESALE15
Between 35.000 TL - 50.000 TL %20 WHOLESALE20
Between 50.000 TL - 75.000 TL %25 WHOLESALE25
75.000 TL and above %30 WHOLESALE30

In order to apply the discount, you must enter the discount code at the checkout stage.

For questions about your wholesale orders, you can send an e- mail to misshappiness@misshappiness.shop or send whatsapp message at +90 532 5207002